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The renewed EHEDG-ED certificate

27 October 2021Inside stories

The renewed EHEDG-ED Class II 

Thanks to the hard work of the engineers at DMN-WESTINGHOUSE we obtain the renewed EHEDG-ED Class-II certificate. Before you receive this certificate as a company, there is a whole lot of rules to comply with. Obtaining the certificate is preceded by a considerable process from supplying drawings and adjustments. Manuals need to be complemented and they must be convincing for all end users on both a content and technical level, as well as on every hygiene point. All is done to prove that our valves comply with the requirements needed to get the EHEDG-ED Class II certificate.

And it all worked! Thanks to the effort of the Engineering team, we now have the EHEDG-ED Class-II certificate. The certification isn’t new to us, we were already EHEDG Class II certified, but the restrictions and requirements have become much stricter. If you want a valve that meets hygiene in all areas, DMN-WESTINGHOUSE is the right place to go.


For those who don’t know, EHEDG stands for: European Hygienic Engineering & Design Group. This independent group is established to promote optimal hygiene in the food industry. Because with preventing damage or contamination of products, hygiene is of the highest importance. EHEDG provides guidelines that production equipment must comply with within the food industry. This means that no parts of the process component may remain in the product. Also, the product should not accumulate in dead spots.

Exclusive in Europe and America

According to the EHEDG website, we are the only rotary valve manufacturer in Europe and America to be EHEDG-ED certified. This means the assurance that our valves are easy to clean, while the risk of damage or contamination of the valve is minimized. It is expected that the DMN-WESTINGHOUSE’s EHEDG-ED certification will be required by more and more companies within the food industry. And this certificate is the verified proof of DMN-WESTINGHOUSE’s high quality standards.

CE marking

Next to the EHEDG-ED certificate it important to know that all valves from DMN-WESTINGHOUSE carry the CE marking for machines as standard. This way we make it easier to comply with European regulations for the entire installation and the complete process.

In Europe, CE marking sets essential requirements regarding safety, health, hygiene, and other consumer protection. For the dry bulk industry, among other things, the Machinery Directive (2006/42/EC) applies.

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