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For more than 45 years

The international world of processing comprises a large variety of industries and companies. DMN-WESTINGHOUSE has been designing and manufacturing rotary valves, diverter valves and other related components for the bulk solids handling industry for more than 45 years. As an independent company with no involvement in system design, our sole activity is the development, manufacture and sale of these components. DMN-WESTINGHOUSE offers tailor-made solutions to the global food, dairy, plastics, (Petro)chemical, pharmaceutical, mineral, power, and biomass industries. Our line of rotary valves and diverter valves comprises a number of universal components that are suitable for many applications. We also have a range of dedicated components for use in specific industries or to handle specific products. Stringent hygiene specifications and/or low capacities are often required in the pharmaceutical industry. The SAL small sanitary airlock is designed specifically to meet these requirements.

Tailor-made solutions



DMN-WESTINGHOUSE products are distributed worldwide. The past decade DMN has been continuously expanding, resulting in its own sales offices in the Netherlands (head office), France, Germany, the UK, India and the USA. DMN also have long-established relations with distributors in Italy, Singapore, Australia and New Zealand, Scandinavia, Spain, Greece, PR China and South Korea. Recently DMN has appointed representatives in Turkey and Central & South America. This extensive network of subsidiaries, distributors and representatives ensures a high level of service and support all over the world.




DMN-WESTINGHOUSE has two production facilities, one in Noordwijkerhout, the Netherlands, and one in Altshausen, Germany. These very modern production facilities enable us to guarantee a constant high quality, maintain an efficient stock level and ensure short delivery times. The factory in the Netherlands is specialized in the manufacture of rotary valves, the factory in Germany is specialized in the manufacture of diverter valves.




In 1992 DMN-WESTINGHOUSE was awarded an ISO 9002 certificate and in 2016 DMN-INC was awarded an ISO 9001 certficiate. Since 1995 DMN have been ISO 9001 approved for the development, manufacturing and sales of components used in pneumatic conveying systems for bulk solids handling. Several DMN-WESTINGHOUSE components have been accepted by the USDA (United States Department of Agriculture) for use in dairy applications.


Research and Development


All rotary valves and diverter valves in the DMN-WESTINGHOUSE product range have been developed in-house. The development of new products often takes place together with major customers. Of course all components are continuously under review with regard to value engineering and functionality.

Established in 1950

DMN-WESTINGHOUSE was established in 1950 as a subsidiary of Verschure & Co., a shipbuilding company in Amsterdam, Holland. In 1969 DMN-WESTINGHOUSE was taken over by IHC Holland NV, a company specialized in the building of ships for dredging. In 1971 DMN-WESTINGHOUSE obtained a license from Westinghouse Systems (U.K.) for the manufacture and marketing of bulk solids handling components in Europe. IHC Holland NV decided in 1989 to concentrate on its core business and sell DMN-WESTINGHOUSE. DMN-WESTINGHOUSE then became an independent company, fully able to determine its destiny. In 1990 the management decided to focus on solids handling equipment as the company’s core business. In 1998 DMN-WESTINGHOUSE bought the business from Westinghouse Systems, and became the owner of the products and brand name. Since then DMN-WESTINGHOUSE has expanded the variety of rotary valves and developed a comprehensive line of diverter valves, all under the brand name DMN-WESTINGHOUSE.

A brief time of History

  • 1950 - Established as a subsidiary of Verschure & Co.
  • 1969 - Taken over by IHC Holland
  • 1971 - Obtained License of Westinghouse Systems
  • 1989 - Sold by IHC Holland and independent again
  • 1990 - Focus on bulk solids handling equipment
  • 1992 - ISO-9002 certificate
  • 1995 - ISO-9001 certificate
  • 1998 - Bought rights of Westinghouse Systems
  • 2007 - Hypermodern manufacturing center in use
  • 2018 - Factory re-design in Noordwijkerhout
  • 2020 - GESRA becomes DMN-WESTINGHOUSE Components
  • 2020 - Official registration of DMN India Private Limited
  • 2020 - 70 years celebration!


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