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In certain parts of the process industry, it is very important to prevent product contamination in the process. Furthermore, when processing powders, there is always a risk of a dust explosion. In order to protect public health and ensure safe working conditions, governments have drawn up official legislation for systems and components. In addition, various private organisations have established system or industry-specific requirements that components must meet. In order to comply with these laws and requirements, various DMN-WESTINGHOUSE rotary valves and diverter valves have been tested and approved, so that the components in question comply with USDA Dairy requirements, EHEDG Type EL Class I or ATEX Directive 2014/34/EU respectively, i.e. are pressure impact resistant up to 10 bar and/or are flameproof.

In addition, private organisations have created specifications that components must meet to meet specific branch or system requirements. To comply with these laws and specifications, DMN-WESTINGHOUSE has tested and approved a number of rotary valves and diverter valves, and they have all been found to comply with USDA dairy requirements, are pressure shock resistant up to 10 bar, flame proof, ATEX Directive 2014/34/EU compliant.

With regard to the USDA (United States Department of Agriculture), our AL, BL, AML and SAL rotary valves are tested and certified as USDA Dairy Accepted. This also applies to our 2 and 3 tube diverters TDV, multiport diverter M-TDV and gravity plug diverter GPD. This means that these components meet the high standards that apply in the US food, dairy, pet food and related industries.

Process systems and components often have to be able to withstand explosions and prevent fires from passing through the component. This has led to official European legislation, known as the ATEX Directive 2014/34/EU. All DMN rotary valves and diverter valves are also available in ATEX 2014/34/EU compliant versions.

The European standard EC1935 / 2004 applies to all materials in contact with foodstuffs. With regard to the use of these materials as parts in our components, we can provide a declaration of compliance and appropriate documentation demonstrating compliance with EC 1935/2004. The materials used also comply with FDA regulations regarding food contact.


Conformité Européenne

Le marquage CE est une déclaration du fabricant selon laquelle les vannes rotatives sont conformes aux exigences en matière de sécurité, de santé et d'environnement des directives CE applicables. Les vannes sont conformes à la directive 2006 / 42EG et aux directives complémentaires (le cas échéant). Les vannes rotatives certifiées CE sont accompagnées d'une "Déclaration CE de conformité de la machine" ou d'une "Déclaration CE d'incorporation d'une machine partiellement achevée".



ATmospheres EXplosions

ATEX compliant rotary valves are suitable for hazardous environments with dust or gases in accordance with the applicable EC directives. These valves comply with the 2014 / 34EU directive. ATEX compliant rotary valves are supplied with an ATEX marking on the manufacturer's nameplate.



European Hygienic Engineering & Design Group

Hygienic rotary valves are suitable for the food industry. EHEDG is an international organisation (a consortium of equipment manufacturers, food industries, research institutes and public health authorities). These valves comply with the EHEDG guidelines and are tested and certified by the EHEDG organisation. These hygienic rotary valves are certified as "EHEDG Type ED Class II".


EC 1935/2004 I FDA

European Commission 1935/2004 I Food and Drug Administration

Rotary valves that comply with EC1935 / 2004 and its complementary regulations EC20 / 2011 and CEEC2023 / 2006 and are considered safe for food contact. The materials used also comply with FDA regulations regarding food contact. Rotary valves complying with EC1935 / 2004 are provided with a food safety symbol.


United States Department of Agriculture

Rotary valves accepted by the USDA (United States Department of Agriculture) are used in dairy applications. The USDA is the U.S. federal executive department responsible for developing and enforcing federal laws relating to agriculture, forestry and food. USDA Accepted Rotary Valves comply with USDA guidelines and are tested and certified by the USDA. These USDA Accepted Rotary Valves are certified as "USDA Dairy Accepted".



EurAsian Conformity

The EAC certification mark indicates that the rotary valves comply with the technical regulations of the Eurasian Customs Union. Rotary valves with the EAC mark comply with EAEU (Eurasian Economic Union) health, safety and environmental protection standards.


NFPA 69 

The National Fire Protection Association

The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) provides regulations to protect your manufacturing plant from fires, deflagrations, explosions and other safety hazards. Our NFPA 69 compliant rotary valves have particular design and construction elements. As per NFPA 69 Section for Rotary Valve Design Criteria, the following models are offered with NFPA 69 compliance: AL / AXL, AML, BL / BXL / BXXL and USAL.


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