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‘DMN-WESTINGHOUSE helps us to live up to our customer's expectations’

13 June 2023Inside storiesSales

Penta is a System Integrator based in the west of India. They design, manufacture and install material handling and production automation systems. Penta was established in 1993 and has been a  Piovan Group company since 2014. For the last 2,5 years, Penta has been working with the rotary valves and diverter valves of DMN-WESTINGHOUSE.

We spoke to Mr Atul Suri, Deputy General Manager Project at Penta, about his experience with the products and the service, especially in plastics production.

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Dust and wear 
‘The plastics industry’s key concern has always been with dust’, explains Mr Suri. ‘When you convey powders through a system with a high amount of air, you get much dust if the filters do not contain it properly. Customers work with us because we build highly efficient systems to control dust. Another critical concern for customers is the easy wear out and damage to the rotary valves because, in the plastics industry, they use calcium carbonate, which is highly abrasive. Regular rotary valves are not designed to handle this and lack specific coating on the blades, leading to wear out in just a couple of months. This causes an increase in downtime and leakage. That’s why customers are looking to us for a better solution. DMN-WESTINGHOUSE helps us to live up to their expectations.’  

Built to endure 
‘Our customers run systems that process up to seven tons of dry bulk material per hour. Most other brand rotary valves and diverter valves survive only one to three months before wearing out’, says Mr Suri. ‘Since we started working with the rotary valves and diverter valves of DMN-WESTINGHOUSE, we have experienced that the quality of their valves is so much better than that of their competitors. They even guarantee at least 12 months of carefree operation. Depending on the application, their valves can easily remain operational for up to two years. That makes the quality of the valves crucial to our customer's production processes.’ 

The logic choice 
‘DMN-WESTINGHOUSE rotary valves and diverter valves experience lesser wear than other brands of valves. But there is a difference in cost’, explains Mr Suri. ‘Our customers are happy to pay the difference because they get a better solution. The logic of choosing DMN-WESTINGHOUSE over all other rotary valves is very simple. If the customer picks one of the other brands of rotary valves, they pay less for the valve. But it is prone to wear out in a couple of months. That is one cost. Second, when the valve wears out, getting a replacement valve usually takes up to eight days before it arrives and can be installed. All that time, you will lose the production of eight days. That’s a considerable amount of money. So, that’s a key factor for our customers to invest in the valves of DMN-WESTINGHOUSE.’  

‘DMN-WESTINGHOUSE has always focused on designing, building and improving rotary valves and diverter valves. Their focus and expertise set them apart from other manufacturers, who indulged in producing all kinds of side products and applications.’  

~ Mr Atul Suri, Penta  

‘One big differentiator favouring DMN-WESTINGHOUSE was that our previous suppliers didn’t have a functional service and feedback system. DMN-WESTINGHOUSE has a fully operational sales network and proper after-sales service. They are available when we experience issues and have the flexibility to help us in terms of cost or deliveries when we take a big order. Their local assembly line helps speed up their product delivery.’ Mr Suri adds: ‘We have much experience as a system integrator and can handle most projects ourselves. But as DMN-WESTINGHOUSE has been in this business longer, they can help if we work on a new project we’ve never built in India. We then share the requirements and the specifics of the application specifications with DMN-WESTINGHOUSE, and they help us with the solution.’

The industry standard
‘Our customers now ask for solutions where the valves of DMN-WESTINGHOUSE are incorporated, even though there is a price difference. Ultimately, stopping production more often than needed is more expensive and leads to situations where our customers can’t meet their production quotas. In that regard, DMN-WESTINGHOUSE has become the industry standard for us.’

Discover how we can future-proof your processes

Please schedule a 15 minute call with our sales department to discover what we can do for your company too.

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