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2 January 2023Inside storiesDave Howell

At DMN-WESTINGHOUSE we are dedicated to keeping your business going. Today and in the future. That’s why we build rotary valves and diverter valves that meet and exceed the highest standards in the industry.   

UKCA and UKEX certified  

To keep your business ahead of the future, we’ve made sure that we are one of the first to meet the requirements for the UKCA and UKEX certificates. This applies to our bare shaft rotary valves and diverter valves. Valve assemblies will also be certified once all 3rd party components are UKCA and UKEX certified So, safety is ensured, while you can rely on our robust custom-made rotary valves and diverter valves that will carry you to the future.  

Built for the future  

Build your business future-proof with the rotary valves and diverter valves of DMN-WESTINGHOUSE. Our focus on quality and continuous innovation will guarantee smooth processes, with maximized product output. For more information about our UKCA and UKEX-certified rotary valves contact your regional sales representative. 


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