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Meet Rob van Zetten: Global Key Account Manager Aquaculture

27 May 2020IntroducingRob van Zetten

The Aquaculture industry is one of the fastest-growing sectors. DMN-WESTINGHOUSE has been involved in the Aquaculture industry since day one and has become the market leader in this field, providing high-duty rotary and diverter valves specifically tailored to meet strict aquaculture requirements. Reliable products and a customer-focused strategy continue to drive the success of DMN-WESTINGHOUSE.


The Story of Rob van Zetten

Rob van Zetten is Global Key Account Manager Aquaculture for DMN-WESTINGHOUSE. He maintains and develops opportunities within the Aquaculture industry on a global scale.

'' Maintaining your relationships within the industry is an absolute must, according to Rob van Zetten. Rob is the focal point for customers such as distributors, system integrators, and end-users. The customer’s needs are the most essential thing for Rob. “The customer is king, but you can help him stay on his throne. Help the customer buy the right product and offer him expertise and trust. DMN- WESTINGHOUSE is Ready for the Future 

As the consumption of fish grows every day, DMN-WESTINGHOUSE continues to offer high-duty, reliable rotary and diverter valves, such as those used for processing fish food (pellets). The valves are specifically designed to combat costs associated with fish food waste and product degradation. Think about careful transport of storage silos aboard a ship to the breeding nets in the sea and diverter valves that prevent the fish food (pellets) from being damaged. Furthermore, DMN-WESTINGHOUSE rotary valves can meet the continually increasing hygiene requirements in the fish culture. The healthier the process of cultivation, the healthier the result.

“The worldwide consumption of fish does not allow wild salmon from the rivers to end up on everyone’s plate anymore. The current method still offers a great result, thanks to DMN-WESTINGHOUSE, and I’m proud of that result.” - Rob Van Zetten, Global Key Account Manager Aquaculture

DMN-WESTINGHOUSE is always looking for growth and better processes of feeding the fish culture. Rob: “Recently, DMN has developed a new generation of ‘fish valves’ to meet future requirements for sustainability and a better ROI. Tailoring our valves to meet these requirements shows that DMN-WESTINGHOUSE is ready for the future of Aquaculture, and successfully so.” 

Want to know more about the Aquaculture industry? Please contact our Global Key Account Manager Aquaculture, Rob van Zetten. Send an email to

or call +31 6 36 49 18 67.


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