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22 July 2020Inside storiesBob Rogers

DMN-WESTINGHOUSE India has just won a significant order for several BL Blow Through Rotary Valves and MTDV Multi-Port Diverter Valves for installation in one of Asia's largest spice processing factories. The customer was facing problems with their existing valves of other makes, so they opted for DMN-WESTINGHOUSE to provide a solution. With a wide range of rotary and diverter valves that are particularly suitable for handling spices, DMN-WESTINGHOUSE provided a high-quality, cost-effective solution to ensure smooth processing.

The customer has recently developed an entirely new, fully automated pneumatic line design for its growing export market. Before the new and improved system design, the material was weighed manually, leaving more room for error and maintenance costs. A proper airlock system below the silo and above the pneumatic convey line was necessary for metering the product and achieving accurate measurements. The system design avoids all manual intervention and requires international standards of hygiene. To solve this problem, DMN-WESTINGHOUSE offered the BL blow-through valve series. The product is metered through the valve into precise batch amounts, making it easier and more efficient when mixing the blends with the different products. The valve also acts as an airlock to reduce air leakage.

The BL valves are a perfect fit to handle the spices' hygroscopic nature while meeting sanitary design requirements. The valve's design allows the product to blow through the line while clearing the rotor pocket. As a result, product build-up in the rotor pockets is minimized, thus cleaning is not required as frequently. The valves are also equipped with an air purge regulator kit and FDA Approved gland sealing. This highly effective seal arrangement prevents the product from entering and damaging the seal, thus reducing maintenance and downtime. 

The new system also requires sanitary diverters to transport several different spices for a spice blend. The MTDV Multi-Port diverter was a perfect solution to lower equipment costs and reduce downtime. Rather than installing several 2-way diverters, the customer opted for the MTDV to reduce extra pipework costs. The MTDV valves are equipped with 1 inlet and 5 outlet ports and can be used in converging and diverging applications. It meets the sanitary design requirements with FDA Approved product surfaces. The unique swan neck design ensures smooth passage of product and is ideal for handling products with poor flowability.

Sriram Ganesan, Country Manager, DMN-WESTINGHOUSE India: "We are delighted with this order. DMN-WESTINGHOUSE is already a leader in the supply of hygienic valves. However, this order demonstrates our ability to meet the customer's design specifications perfectly with our high-quality products and technical expertise."

DMN-WESTINGHOUSE offered the best technical solution and met all required criteria, with optimum design standards and premium service levels. We were able to come up with a customized solution to meet the customer's specifications. Our valve design and pricing results in higher accuracy, less wear, reduced maintenance, and overall increased cost savings. 

As the leading manufacturer of high-quality rotary and diverter valves for more than 45 years, DMN-WESTINGHOUSE is well known for independently providing reliable components manufactured in our facilities in Europe (Netherlands and Germany) and the US. We have an extensive global network of dedicated distributors to offer the best possible solutions in equipment and service for our clients in order to meet expectations in quality and delivery time.


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