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4 June 2020Inside stories

Everyone adapts to the COVID-19 circumstances, which ask for changes within our daily processes. At DMN-WESTINGHOUSE, we are happy that our operations continue efficiently and effectively throughout the pandemic.

Manufacturing, assembling, and keeping stock is done within our multiple factory set-up in the Netherlands, Germany, and the USA. Parts and valves are produced and assembled in one of our three production facilities to guarantee a steady supply chain. We even managed to cut down delivery times for some valves, like our PTD-II diverter now, with only a 3-week delivery time.

We are the largest independent manufacturer of high-quality Rotary and Diverter valves with global sales and shipping for over 45 years. Even during a pandemic, getting the right valve, at the right time, at your doorstep is what we do.

DMN-WESTINGHOUSE helps you with the continuation of your processes!


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