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  • A whole new standard of hygiene, cleaning and safety
  • Future-proof innovation for a broad range of industries
  • Absolutely spotless is the new standard
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A whole new standard of hygiene, cleaning and safety 
Make a rotary valve easier to clean and it will lead to better and deeper cleaning than ever before. Our engineers took on the challenge and surpassed all expectations. The result? A rotary valve that is all about easier access, opening on both ends instead of one for unprecedented cleanability.


Future-proof innovation for a broad range of industries 
The new MZC-II is designed around intuitive cleaning and incredibly easy access. This allows for cleaning at an unseen level of hygiene. Which in turn, makes the MZC-II rotary valve a perfect fit for all sectors inside the dry bulk industry from dairy, pharma, food, cosmetics to the paint industry. With the hygiene regulations becoming stricter over a broad range of industries.


Absolutely spotless is the new standard 
Due to the nature of materials being handled small particles will always remain trapped within the rotary valve. From now on, the new MZC-II makes it easier than ever to get rid of every trace of powder residue. Truly deep, safe and hygienic cleaning will be the new standard that this new rotary valve concept is bringing into the world.


Opening on both ends. This unique, innovative design makes the MZC-II the new standard for cleanability, hygiene and safety. Easier access means simpler, safer, and deeper cleaning than ever before.
Rotary Alignment Unit. Due to the unique shape of the drive shaft, the rotor stays perfectly aligned with the motor, automatically fitting into place when sliding back inside.
Precision Alignment Mechanism. After sliding out, the rotor will remain perfectly level. An innovation that is awaiting patent. This allows you to rotate the rotor for perfect cleaning.
Specially designed cradle. The rotor can even be taken out as a whole (finger-safe rotor extraction) and placed in a specially designed ‘cradle’ for precision cleaning.
Finger-safe rotor extraction. Taking out the rotor for the best possible cleaning needs nothing more than a lever. For finger-safe removal and replacement of the rotor.
Quick-release air connections. With smart engineered storage points for disconnected tubing. Clean, smart. No confusion.
Opening the Drive Side Sliding Unit. Incredibly easy access allows deep cleaning of the end cover and spigot - the spots where powder residue settles.



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