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Discover the rotary valve that prevents fish feed degradation.

It has supplied the world’s highest quality source of protein to the human diet for thousands of years.

The Aquaculture Industry is the fastest growing sector of agriculture in the world. Since 2005, global aquaculture has grown at an impressive rate of 5.8% annually. With the expense of fish feed, degradation of pellets must be kept to a minimum. Depending on your specific needs, DMN-WESTINGHOUSE can offer tailor-made solutions with our AL and BL-series valves where wastage can be greatly reduced when transporting from silo to fish pens.  

How to prevent costly feed wastage?

With the expense of fish feed, it is important that the degradation of pellets is kept to a minimum. With our AL/BL valve series, wastage can be greatly reduced, when transporting from silo to fish pens. Our valves are more than suitable for handling fish feed pellets without damaging them.

Moreover, with the growing hygienic demands in this industry, the easy detachable option enables the operator to quickly open, clean, and close the valve. For more information please contact our Global Key Account Manager Aquaculture who can assist you with further details.


Customized solutions for the Aquaculture industry

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