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Qualified, Verified, Certified!

21 October 2021Historias internas

Qualified, Verified, Certified! 

Within the dry bulk industry hygiene is of top priority. Every piece of machinery, from rotary valves and diverter valves to other related components, must meet the highest standards. At DMN-WESTINGHOUSE we take great pride in meeting these standards. We have obtained a renewed EHEDG ED Class II certificate for our MZC rotary valves with SAS-II seals. Next to that, our high-duty rotary valves are now ATEX certified for both dust and gas, internally and externally and our productrange is now fully CE certified!. These certifications are verified proof of DMN-WESTINGHOUSE’s high-quality standards. 

EHEDG-ED Class II certification

To prevent damage or contamination of products in the dry bulk industry, optimal hygiene is of high importance. The independent European Hygienic Engineering & Design Group (EHEDG) provides very strict guidelines for production equipment.The rotary valves of DMN-WESTINGHOUSE are now EHEDG-ED Class II certified, making us the only manufacturer in Europe and America with such a certification. 

USDA certification

DMN-WESTINGHOUSE reached new heights of cleanability and standards with the awarding of the renewed USDA acceptance certificate for our outboard bearing rotary valves. All rotary valves in the Dairy and Dairy WD executions, MZC and MZC-II and all Dairy execution shaft seals such as SAS and SAS-II seal are now USDA certified. As well as our diverter valves, such as the GPD, 2-TDV, 3-TDV and M-TDV, all in Dairy Execution. We always look to create standards within the powder handling for others to follow and with the awarding of these certificates we have now set the bar even higher!

ATEX certified for internal gas zones

The rotary valves and diverter valves of DMN-WESTINGHOUSE were already specified to create an ATEX safe environment. Thanks to the implementation of several product improvements, our outboard bearing rotary valves are now also ATEX certified for internal gas zones. This means that our products can be used safely in an environment with an internal and/or external explosive atmosphere for both gas and dust mixtures. 

CE marking for all valves

In Europe, CE marking sets essential requirements regarding safety, health, hygiene, and other consumer protection. All valves from DMN-WESTINGHOUSE carry the CE marking for machines as standard. As a result, it is easier for our customers to obtain a CE marking for the entire installation.

Would you like to know more? Our Sales Engineers will be happy to tell you all about it! Get in touch with us via sales@dmnwestinghouse.com

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